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A Look Back: Men’s Fashion in the Roaring Twenties

A Look Back: Men’s Fashion in the Roaring Twenties

The Influence of the Roaring Twenties on Men’s Fashion

The Roaring Twenties, also known as the Jazz Age, marked a period of liberation and change in the societal norms of the time. This era was characterized by economic prosperity, technological advancements, and a newfound sense of freedom after the end of World War I. These cultural shifts were reflected in men’s fashion, as traditional styles were abandoned in favor of more daring and flamboyant looks.

The Rise of the Suit

One of the most iconic fashion trends of the Roaring Twenties for men was the rise of the suit. The silhouette of the suit became slimmer and more form-fitting, reflecting the youthful and energetic spirit of the time. Men started wearing suits with shorter jackets and narrower trousers, moving away from the baggy and shapeless styles of the previous decade.

Key Elements of the Men’s Suit in the 1920s

  • High-waisted trousers
  • Double-breasted jackets
  • Bold patterns and colors
  • Wide lapels

The Influence of Hollywood

The rise of Hollywood during the 1920s also had a significant impact on men’s fashion. Male movie stars like Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks became style icons, influencing men’s clothing choices with their sophisticated and glamorous looks. The silver screen glamorized the image of the well-dressed man, inspiring men to pay more attention to their appearance and grooming.

Key Hollywood-inspired Trends in Men’s Fashion

  • Slicked-back hair
  • Bowler hats
  • Monochrome suits
  • White tie formalwear

The Impact of Prohibition on Fashion

Another major factor that influenced men’s fashion in the Roaring Twenties was Prohibition. The ban on alcohol led to the rise of speakeasies and illegal drinking establishments, where men socialized and flaunted their wealth and status. This underground culture of excess and decadence influenced men’s fashion, leading to the popularity of luxurious fabrics, bold accessories, and flashy ensembles.

Key Prohibition-era Fashion Trends

  • Contrast color combinations
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Fur-trimmed coats
  • Calf-length overcoats

The Legacy of Men’s Fashion in the Roaring Twenties

The fashion trends of the Roaring Twenties had a lasting impact on men’s style, influencing future generations and shaping the way men dressed for decades to come. The emphasis on tailoring, attention to detail, and self-expression that defined the 1920s continue to be relevant in contemporary menswear, with designers and fashion houses drawing inspiration from this iconic period.

Key Takeaways

  • The Roaring Twenties was a transformative era in men’s fashion, characterized by bold choices and innovative designs.
  • The rise of the suit, Hollywood influence, and Prohibition all played a role in shaping men’s style during this period.
  • The legacy of men’s fashion in the Roaring Twenties can still be seen in modern menswear, with designers paying homage to the iconic looks of the past.


In conclusion, the Roaring Twenties was a time of dynamic change and cultural upheaval, and men’s fashion was no exception. From the rise of the slim-fit suit to the influence of Hollywood and Prohibition-era excess, the styles of the 1920s continue to captivate and inspire modern fashion enthusiasts. By looking back at this iconic era, we can gain a deeper understanding of how fashion reflects the spirit of the times and shapes our sense of style and identity.

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